Memorysmith Mothers Day Tips for Dad

This Mother’s Day, stop what you normally do and look for unique ways to make this day meaningful. It can be challenging to find that one special thing that makes the day perfect. For dads, having a few helpful tips can make all the difference.


Set Aside Time
One of the first things for dads to do is make time in their day to give the mother of his children space to relax and enjoy the role of being a mother, without the daily rush of responsibilities. Instead take care of the practicalities for a day so Mum can enjoy being a mum! Rather than rushing about during the early morning, perhaps Mum could have a snuggly cuddle with the kids while Dad prepares breakfast.

Facilitate One-on-One Time
Mothers, who have more than one child, often are longing to be able to have time with each individual child. Perhaps in the week or so leading up to this special day, Dad can spend some time making arrangements so that Mum can spend an evening with each child individually. For example, a daughter of six may love spending the day at the park and out for a quick bite to eat with just mum, especially if younger brothers or sisters tend to keep her away from her mother throughout the normal course of the day. Plan this type of thing for each child.

Are Gifts Important?
There is little that is more important to a mother than her child. Sometimes, though, even mums like to be shown just how valuable they are. The good news is that kids like to show it, too. Dads can easily make this happen by taking the child out to purchase a gift. It does not need to be expensive or fancy. It does have to come from the heart, though. For this reason, spending a bit more time with your child giving opinions and guiding decisions is important. Choose items that are special to the child and the mother alike. You may also like to create a unique piece of impression jewellery from your child’s finger, hand or footprint.

Give the Gift of Fun
Some mothers are adventurous and would enjoy spending the day on a trek through a local park, while other mums would love nothing more than to spend some time relaxing at home with movies and snacks. Finding a way to do something enjoyable for the day is important. Dads can choose family-friendly activities happening in their local area, too.

Mother’s Day is one day of the year where mums shouldn’t have to do all the work. Help out with some of the little things, like preparing meals, cleaning, bathtime etc. And enlist the help of your kids. They’ll love the extra interaction with Dad.

But failing all else, think of ways to put a smile on her face and thank her for all that she does.