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Founder & Creative Director of The MemorySmith

The MemorySmith provides a caring, professional and high quality service to assist families to create beautiful lasting memories of their loved ones at a time of celebration, loss & grief.

The MemorySmith works with you to ensure the keepsake/memorials you choose from will hold a special place in your heart. Our hand selected range of memory pieces includes cremation ashes in glass, memorial candles, exquisite urns and impression memorabilia. The pieces you select will become treasured heirlooms and an exquisite memorial of remembrance.

My Vision is that all end of life organisations offer The MemorySmith Impression kit as part of their ongoing services, collecting impressions on behalf of families before it is no longer possible.

It is my absolute love and passion to give grieving families the opportunity to preserve the fingerprint, handprint & truss of hair of their loved ones and turn these into beautiful heirlooms that can be worn, held and touched for generations to come.

We work with families and individuals throughout Australia to create memorabilia which will live on beyond their loved ones passing. You will find our products and services available through many hospitals, aged care facilities, children’s hospices and funeral homes.

We also work closely with people facing the last stages of their lives who want to gift their families with exquisite mementos to remember them by that they can cherish and feel connected to for generations after their departure.

Where my passion began 

It began working with silver jewellery keepsakes in 2010, when a friend took impressions of my two son’s fingerprints and transformed them into a bracelet. “I simply fell in love with the idea and uniqueness”. Since 2010 I have devoted many years of hard work and dedication to mastering the processes and techniques for creating these unique pieces of art.

In 2011, I was requested to attend the Sydney Children’s Hospital to take the set of impressions that ultimately would change my life.  A baby boy had sadly passed away, and his grieving parents wanted impressions made of his tiny fingerprints so that they could be crafted into a keepsake they could hold and touch. Being with that baby boy and his family truly solidified why we create these works of art.

From my own personal experience I truly understand the desire to keep hold of a small part of loved ones after they are gone. Being able to touch and hold my dad’s unique fingerprints and handprint is truly a gift and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to collect them before he was cremated.

With over 1200 individual pieces being crafted in the last year alone, The MemorySmith team includes specialist jewellery designers, an engraver and graphic designers working together to bring you The MemorySmith products and services.

It is now possible to order direct from us, on Etsy or from our Facebook

The MemorySmith takes orders Australia wide and and we can also ship orders internationally.

If you have any questions, please review our FAQ page, or Contact Us.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to creating cherished memories for you.


Tracy Booth, Founder and Creative Director

The MemorySmith