Bespoke Jewellery

Because we are all unique and there can never be another you, it is important to be able to honour each other in truly unique ways.

Many different people have varying interests, loves, habits and passions and so it is quite wonderful to be able to create unique silver pieces that depict this uniqueness of an individual.

Below are just a sample of some of the bespoke pieces that have been made for families and individuals in honour of their love for each other.

Please contact us about what might be possible for you if you want to order a bespoke piece to be made for you. It would be an honour to be able to help express your creativity in the love you have for another.

Gum Leaf

A gum leaf sporting the finger print of a grandmother who had loved to spend time in nature.

Unicorn Charm

A little girls 1st birthday was celebrated with the creation of a unicorn pendant, commissioned by her doting grandparents.

Mumma Poodle

A single mother and daughter’s prints were placed together on their precious little poodle’s shape so they could keep their family close.


A skateboard pendant was lovingly created for a mother, in honour of her a son who died and had been passionate about skateboarding.

Mumma Cat

A little girl is able to sit between her 2 sisters on the shape of a cat, which she adored after she died, reminding her family of her presence at all times.


A little girl’s fingerprint taken at birth is placed into the back wheel of a bicycle for her very precious aunt whose an avid bike rider and was intimately responsible for saving her life.

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