We at The Memory Smith need to ask for your patience please.

Sadly in terms of being able to create fingerprint jewellery for you at the moment that is not going to be possible. You are most welcome to put in orders, for your loved ones for Christmas presents, but the jewellery will not arrive until the New Year.

We have been caught in the midst of utterly catastrophic fires for over two weeks during which time we managed to save our home, our workshop full of all TMS tools and thousands of precious fingerprints, 2 out of 3 sheds, and our animals.

Sadly 95% of the 123 acre property has been burnt and looks like a moonscape, with no pasture for our animals or the wildlife anymore. We helped save neighbour’s homes and property, rescued a koala from a devastated habitat, and helped our neighbour bury her elderly horse which sadly had to be put down due to lack of oxygen in the air and smoke. Our grandson’s 2 hand raised little bulls had to be slaughtered because with no fences we were threatened with large vet bills if they got to other cattle in heat.

In has been a shocking experience which has gone on and on and on, without access to power or phone communication which made things so much harder, requiring us to be on constant high alert. Now there is continuing danger with the falling of trees at any moment a serious risk to us and our animals.

There is a massive clean-up ahead of us now and we are utterly exhausted so we would so appreciate your patience and loyalty by sticking with us through this immensely difficult time.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have had a death in the family and urgently need to have a Comprehensive Impression Kit (CIK ) express mailed to you, please make sure to order it asap as this is one thing we will commit to getting to you asap so that you can get the prints before the funeral.

Thank you Trypheyna,

Some before and after photos: