Memorysmith Christmas Stockings

You probably remember from your own childhood the unbearable anticipation and excitement of waiting for Christmas morning and your Christmas stocking. In these plastic-fantastic days it can be tricky to find inexpensive, healthy items to fill your child’s stocking… And that aren’t going to be around for the next billion years polluting the planet – or your child’s digestive tract for that matter!

Here are some healthy, eco alternatives:

1. Fruit: Instead of sugary sweets, go for fruit. Something special that your children don’t get everyday like cherries, mangoes or even a nice big pineapple. And/or you could bake their favourite biscuits and put them in a nice tin that they can later use for their special ‘collections’!

2. Seeds: Kids love growing things, especially when it means time with Mum or Dad. You could give them some vegetable seeds that they can watch grow and then harvest, or some flower seeds (sunflowers for example).

3. A book: Books are always a great gift for kids. Either something you can enjoy reading to them, or if your children are reading age, something they can read themselves.