Fingerprint Jewellery By The MemorySmith

Welcome to The MemorySmith!

We provide an online service specialising in creating personalised keepsakes, our fingerprint jewellery collection and our cleverly designed impression kits make perfect gift ideas, handcrafted in Sydney.

We have a range of products and services all available in way that suits you.

Simply choose an item from our jewellery collection and order online.

We will send you one of our impression kits, you have a fun time making the impression, send them back using a pre-paid envelope.  We then set to work and create your beautiful jewellery.  Your jewellery is returned in a Gift Box.

Full instructions, including online videos have been provided for you.

Our beautiful Impression Kit Gift Boxes can make great gifts on their own.  You can even choose to order an impression kit only, allowing the person receiving the kit to chose their own jewellery.

Fingerprint Jewellery By The MemorySmith – Designed By You, Handcrafted By Us.

All products from The MemorySmith are carefully handcrafted and beautifully presented.

Our focus is to ensure you will be very happy with your Jewellery purchase and recommend us to all your friends.

Choose from our range of charmspendantscufflinks, or keyrings that will feature your child’s delicate fingerprint and if you like their name on the front or back.

Fingerprint Jewellery is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

When we receive your returned impression from your kit, we create a secondary impression from your work, and then use the secondary impression in the clay.

The clay is then left to dry and fired, the binder burns away and the silver particles bind together, leaving every detail of the fingerprint in 99.9% solid silver.

We then finish and polish the piece of fingerprint jewellery and return to you.

We hold on to your impression for 12 months, so should you wish other jewellery we have your details on file.

Please feel free to look around The MemorySmith website, check out our product range including charmspendantscufflinks, or keyrings, and also our latest beautiful bracelets, to read more visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are more than happy to assist.

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