Hand & Feet Large Pendant In Silver

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The MemorySmith Hand & Feet Large Pendants capture the detailed impression of your loved one’s fingers and toes in solid silver. A keepsake forever.


Hands or Feet Large Pendant Silver with Necklace


MemorySmith Hand & Feet Large Pendant are simply stunning. Capture your loved-ones hand or footprints in solid 925 sterling silver so wherever you are there is a part of your loved one with you.

Upon order, you will receive our very easy to use inkless wipe impression kit. Your kit includes 1 inkless wipe, sensitised paper, easy to follow step-by-step instructions and a postage-paid return envelope to the studio.

Your impression kit allows you to take multiple impressions, giving you the opportunity to collect the perfect fingerprint.

Generally, you will receive your finished jewellery within 14-21 days of us receiving your impressions.

If you would like your jewellery sooner just let us know & we will endeavour to fulfil your request.

Additional information

Impression Kit

Inkless wipe kit delivered direct to you.


Tear Drop, Heart, Oval, Circle


Single sided – fixed bail
Double sided – swivel bail

Design Option

Up to two hands or two footprints on both sides.


3.0cm width, 1.6mm depth

Age Suitability

Any age


Single sided -up to 10 characters on the front and up to 20 characters on the back

Double sided -up to 10 characters on the front and up to 10 characters on the back


45cm sterling silver necklace will accompany your pendant, other options available when designing your piece.


925 sterling silver