In 2011, Tracy Booth was request to attend the Sydney Children’s Hospital to take some hand impressions of a patient. A moment which would change her life. A baby boy had sadly passed away, and his parents wanted impressions made of his tiny fingerprints so that they could be crafted into a keepsake for his grieving parents. Although Tracy describes the experience as “confronting”, she says that
being with that baby boy and his family truly solidified why she creates these works of art.

“It is my absolute love and passion to give grieving families the opportunity to preserve the fingerprints and handprints of their loved ones and turn these into beautiful heirlooms that can be worn, held and touched for generations to come.”

Tracy Booth began working with silver jewellery keepsakes in 2010, when a friend of hers took impressions of her son’s fingerprints and transformed them into a bracelet.

“I simply fell in love with the idea and uniqueness,” Tracy says.

stories, memories, historiesSince the call in 2011, Tracy has created The MemorySmith – an online service specialising in creating personalised keepsakes, fingerprint jewellery collections and cleverly designed impression kits to make perfect, handcrafted gifts. Based in Sydney, The MemorySmith has a range of charms, pendants, cufflinks, and keyrings, which can feature the fingerprints of loved ones both past and present. Tracy’s desire to give grieving families the opportunity to preserve the fingerprints and handprints of their loved ones has inspired thousands of exquisite, detailed impressions. Since 2010, she has created a range of stunning pieces – with over 1200 individual pieces being crafted in the last year alone.

Since that day, Tracy has worked with families through the local children’s hospice, hospitals, and funeral homes, to create memorabilia which will live on into the future. She works directly with those at the end of their lives to give bereaved families something they can cherish and feel connected to for generations after their loved ones are gone. Tracy’s passion for bereavement services and helping families at the end of life to create memorabilia has inspired her to devote many years of hard work and dedication to mastering the processes and techniques for creating these unique pieces of art.

While Tracy gives families the opportunity to collect their loved ones impressions – either as a keepsake or as a memorial – she also understands the desire to keep hold of a small part of loved ones after they are gone.

“Being able to touch and hold my dad’s unique fingerprints and handprint is truly a gift,” she says, “and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to collect them before it was too late.”

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