My Dad

Fathers Days are special days and especially now for me as this is the first year that my Dad won’t be here. The memories I have of my Dad are locked in my heart, they won’t grow old or fade.

I loved the way My Dads massive smile would warm up a room, I loved the way My Dad was calm and patient and l loved the way My Dad was like a magnet to so many friends (true friends) and I loved the way he would be silly and make people laugh.

Everyone loved My Dad and everyone was ready to listen to his tales and knowledge, these are my memories.

As we rush about in our daily lives its easy to forget about creating memories and what that means. Losing My Dad has made me stop and think about how I will be making plans to create memories for my two boys and my family.

Here’s the thing…

“Memories are our greatest inheritance” – Peter Hamill

Memories are special and the memories we share and keep as families are really important especially when they can be shared and passed down.

My Dad, His Stories, His Words does just that.


I feel really lucky that I was able to capture my Dad’s hand-prints and fingerprints and turn them in to jewellery, I also wish I had this book while My Dad was with us.

As I flick through the pages it asks all the questions that I never had time to find out. Like “what is one of your favourite memories of being a Dad?”, or “What rules did your parents have, and which one’s drove you crazy?”

There is space where your Dad can write his answer in his own words, this creates a treasured family keepsake for you.

This month The MemorySmith is giving a copy My Dad. His Stories, His Words, with all Fathers Day orders on Cufflinks and Keyring’s until 1st August 2014.

We only have limited copies to give away, so hurry.

To access this offer, use the coupon code ‘daddy’ when purchasing your Cufflinks and Keyring’s for Fathers Day 2014.

It’s been an honour to share the memories of My Dad with you, please enjoy Fathers Day and don’t forget to make some memories.



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