Keep Kids Organised

Often kids are loud and still going at the fast pace of school when they get home, they’re probably tired and grumpy too, especially if they’ve just started. To keep afternoons as serene as possible it’s important to have a set routine. Be sure to instigate this routine as soon as your child walks in the door. Once it becomes second nature it will help your child in the years to come as their homework and other demands rise… And it will save you some stress!

#1 – A Place for Everything
The first step is to have a place for everything. That means books go in a place. Coats or other items go into the right place. It should be the same place every single day. Walk in the door, put your items away. That way, nothing goes missing or gets lost.

#2 – Uniforms Off
Uniforms for school are common in most areas. However, that doesn’t mean your child should come home and play in them. It’s better, on the other hand, to encourage your child to come home and change into play clothes. Again, this should happen as soon as your child arrives. He or she should head to the bedroom to change into the right clothing. Here’s the trick, though. You want to be sure that your child is putting the uniform away before going off to play. It shouldn’t be your job to pick it up off the floor.

#3 – Managing Supplies and Schoolwork
It is up to you to set the tone for whether any type of homework gets done right after the child gets home or later on. However, the goal should be to have a station set up and ready for your child. Even children who are five or six years old will benefit from this. Anytime there are papers or work to do, they should all be in the same place. That way, all schoolwork is in hand and not thrown everywhere around the home.

#4 – The Bedtime Routine
Before your child goes to bed or gets ready to go to bed, he or she should be sure a school bag is packed and ready to go. That means reviewing assignments (later on) and being sure everything is included. By doing this now, there is less rush involved. As a result, your child is more likely to be able to bring all of his or her supplies back to school.

#5 – Make Lunches The Night Before
And here’s another golden tip for you… Make school lunch at night while you are already in the kitchen preparing dinner. It will make for a much more peaceful morning. (Lunchboxes can be stored in the fridge until morning.)

A Veggie Smoothie

When kids come home from school they are generally ravenous. Here’s a healthy, delicious afternoon snack idea for kids and adults alike!

In a blender, add the following for a tasty, nutritious smoothie:

– 2 cups baby spinach

– 1 medium banana

– Handful of strawberries (or other berries) – can be frozen

– 1 cup of crushed ice

– 1 squeeze of orange juice

It tastes great and is a healthy, balanced energy hit to keep your child going until dinner time.