Fingerprint Jewellery

Personalised keepsakes can be the ultimate expression of individuality, give the gift of choice with a custom designed keepsake using the Fingerprint Jewellery Impression Kit by The MemorySmith.

Impression kits have everything your loved one needs to create a custom silver keepsake, including the impression putty, impression card, approval label and postage paid return envelope.

Your loved one can choose the style and design of jewellery for themselves with the included voucher.

Shop for our Fingerprint Jewellery Impression Kits.  Our Impression putty is totally safe for newborns.

Create Your Timeless Keepsake – 5 Easy Steps:

1.  Purchase your jewellery or silver keepsake from our collection, you’ll find a treasure trove of inspiration. We will confirm your order and ship your fingerprint impression kit within 2 working days.

2. Capture your fingerprints/footprints/handprints/paw prints by following easy, step-by-step instructions. The process is safe and painless for newborns, toddlers and pets and will only take a few short minutes.

3.  Return your impressions to The MemorySmith in the postage paid envelope. You will receive confirmation when we receive your impressions.

4.  We handcraft your jewellery into a unique and everlasting memory, with a process that usually takes 7-21 days, from the time our design team receives your impressions.

5. Receive notification when your jewellery is ready for shipment. It will arrive in decorative gift box presentation and ready for you to cherish. Learn how to care for your silver keepsake with these smart tips.

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