The Memorysmith Christmas

This Christmas, as I see my children getting excited about the tree, the decorations and of course the gifts to come, I’ve been remembering some of my favourite Christmas memories… And I also asked my friends to share theirs…

One of my favourite memories of Christmas as a kid was putting up the decorations and creating all sorts paper colour links on the wall.
– Tony

My father always used to get the most money in the Christmas pudding – and the little kids used to be absolutely amazed at how he could have an avalanche of coins from a couple of spoons of dessert!
– Jill

I grew up on a farm in country Victoria. At Christmas time everyone from the area would get together in our little community hall. It was in the middle of paddocks of dry yellow grass and surrounded by gumtrees. Santa would arrive on the back of the district fire truck with a big red bag of presents for all the kids. It was so exciting. And after present time we would have supper. Everyone brought a plate – no one knows how to make a delicious dessert like a country housewife… Cream puffs, jelly slice, dainty little club sandwiches, trifles, sponges filled with cream and drizzled with passionfruit icing, and of course good old chocolate crackles.
– Leonie

Every Christmas the kitchen table would be full of food. We would eat all day. It was such a treat!
– James

Helping Mum wrap ‘santa’ gifts on Christmas Eve after my younger siblings had gone to bed. I remember this as fondly as the years of jumping on Mum and Dad’s bed, showing them what Santa had gifted us… how did he know!!
– Kara

When Mum used to take us for a big walk down the street on Christmas Eve because we were too excited to sleep. Looking at people’s Christmas tree lights through their windows, as we’d walk past and getting a boysenberry ice-cream.
– Stacey

My brother, sister and I would all sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve. My sister, being the oldest and the night owl and a non-believer, would tell us to go to sleep, and she would wake us after Santa had been. When Dad came down the hallway to deliver our stockings, my sister saw his shadow, along with the early 80’s beard, and thought it really was Santa. However, the minute he left our room, it did not stop her from turning the lights on, waking us up, and the ripping open of presents began!
– Caz

When my pa was alive we would go to his house for Christmas morning. He had an outside toilet, kerosene heaters and a big Labrador who would jump all over us. I remember that we would put out biscuits and beer for Santa…I thought that a little strange, but we were in Australia!
– John

The smell of a real Christmas tree, brandy custard and the out-of-routine bustle in the house preparing for the Christmas meal. Adults are too busy to give kids a routine or even pay a huge amount of direct attention – that feeling of being free to run wild for half a day in the excitement always put me on such a high as a child.
– Rachel

Thank you to everyone who shared their memories for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading them and that it has conjured up some of your own.

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