Marie Curie

Let’s face it, all mothers are amazing, here’s a fascinating list of a few famous mothers throughout history:

Marie Curie
Famous French scientist and mother to two daughters discovered two elements – radium and polonium and broke the gender barrier by being inducted into the French Academy of Sciences. She also won two Nobel Prizes. One for physics in 1903 and one for chemistry in 1911.

Queen Victoria
Was the longest reigning female monarch in history, having ruled the British throne for more than 63 years. She presided over a grand expansion of the British Empire which saw the Indian subcontinent come under British rule in 1858. She was also known as the ‘grandmother of Europe’ as her large brood of children and grandchildren married various European nobility.

Maria von Trapp
Made famous by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, Maria Dodged Nazis, raised her husband’s 10 children, and left all their worldly possessions behind and fled Austria rather than submit to Hitler’s Nazi regime. Proving not all Step Mothers are evil!

Mia Farrow
You may know her best as that poor little waif in the thriller Rosemary’s Baby, or as the partner of that quintessentially neurotic New Yorker – Woody Allen. But did you know she was also the original mother-of-many celebrity. During the 70s and 80s she had several children – four biological and the rest adopted. She went on to adopt several more in the ‘90s…Long before Angelina and Madonna.

Anna Jarvis
Anna was the woman originally responsible for the creation of Mother’s Day. In fact she wasn’t even a mother herself, just a devoted daughter. She was disappointed with how quickly it became commercialised and spent the rest of her life campaigning against it!