Bereavement Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery Bereavement ServicesOur Bereavement Jewellery Service is available for families who suffer the heartbreaking experience of loosing their loved one from newborn to elderly.

We work closely with Funeral Homes and Hospitals, to provide a service that allows families to create an everlasting memory of their loved one with our fingerprint Jewellery.

Once we have a fingerprint impression of your loved one, their impression can be made into as many pieces of jewellery as you wish, so there is no need to worry about making decisions right away.

On each piece of jewellery we create for you, at your request a short poem can be engraved on the back, something personal for you.

We can send an impression kit today with everything you need, the process for taking impressions is very simple and will take just a few seconds. To help we have an online video, along with step-by-step instructions enclosed in the kit.

Our kit and process has been designed so that you don’t need to decide immediately in regards to what jewellery you would like, you can take your time. the cost of the impression kit will be discounted when you purchase your jewellery.

Being able to create something so precious is a great honour and I feel blessed to be able to help families.

I am here to help, please call 0404145928 for more information

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Fingerprint Jewellery Bereavement Services