Other Artists

Sallie Portnoy

At home on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I indulge in the ‘goings on’ of big city life and appreciate the luxury of living on the Manly Lagoon nature reserve with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. Keeping close to nature and spending plenty of time outdoors is paramount to my sanity. I frequently travel to North
America for time with family and friends and to more exotic destinations whenever possible. Adding travel for exhibitions and glass art projects keeps me on the move. Cast glass sculpture, both kiln fired and hot cast from the furnace, is my specialty. I also work in clay, bronze, cement and polystyrene when the project suits. Community and school projects with children, weekend workshops and summer school teaching are welcomed distractions to my solo studio practice. Inspiration is a mystery to me. What I create surprises and excites me and offers a window into deep experiences of consciousness. My creative output filters through my fascination with human nature, the physical form, psychology, mysticism and the enigmas of ritual.


Candyss Crosby

Candyss Crosby is an artist with deep affinity and respect for the landscape and our environment. This passion lends both intensity and emotion to her work which goes far beyond simple representation. Her connection with the land becomes an inward journey, where memory and creative process reshapes the external experience, allowing the paint, memory and inner sight to spontaneously create new colours, textures and lines in the "inner landscape" that then evolves.

I want to re-create the feeling of openness and expansiveness that I experience when I'm out in the middle of nowhere - just the sky, the earth under my feet and me," she says. "I seem so small and yet so at one with it all. I want people who see my work to be lifted into the space, to share something of that feeling."…Welcome to my website! 



Amanda http://www.eternitysprings.com/index.html

At Eternity Springs Art Farm we provide a variety of accommodation in a creative and peaceful location for guests to de-stress and take a well earned break from their busy lives, or a great place to meet up with friends or family.

The Channon has a long history in the alternative movement since the early 1970's. The new settlers emphasised the environment as shown in the fight for the preservation of old growth forest at Protesters Falls on Terania Creek in '79, where new precedents were established for environmental protection in Australia & around the world. Eternity Springs reflects the commitment of the whole area in finding active ways to reduce our ecological 'footprint' for a sustainable future.

Trish - Mermaids Garden

Welcome to our beautiful garden, where an abundance of healing products & crystals provided by Spirit come together in a single location. Each mystical blend has been created under auspicious lunar skies to ensure it is guided by Spirit.   Our oils are available as Vibrational Room Sprays as well as  hand blended with Himalayan Salt Crystals for the ultimate bath experience. As you relax in your bath, experience the healing trinity between the mind, body and spirit. The crystalline energy of the Himalayan salt naturally draws stress from the body, allowing the synergistic oil blends to rebalance emotions as the crystal vibrations energise your soul. Flower and Vibrational Essences are also available. In addition to the vibrational healing from the flowers and crystals, many of these essences have a connection to an animal spirit or Arch Angel, Goddess or Spirit. And just like our essential oil blends, each essence has been created in under auspicious conditions and work on a metaphysical level to help maintain your wellbeing.