Let Nature support you through your time of grief
 "Never does Wisdom say one thing and Nature another" - Juvenal

Trish from Mermaids Garden has created a special mystical essential oil blend, created under auspicious lunar skies and energized with the healing vibrations of crystals and the stars. It has been hand blended with Himalayan Salt Crystals for the ultimate bath experience. The salts come with a supportive ritual to help release grief. The crystalline energy of the Himalayan salt naturally draws stress from the body, allowing the synergistic oil blends to rebalance emotions as the crystal vibrations energise your soul. As you relax in your bath, experience the healing trinity between the mind, body and spirit.

The salts come in beautiful little glass bottles which should you choose can be used to divide your loved ones ashes into, to share with family and friends. There are also Flower and Vibrational Essences available to support you. In addition to the vibrational healing from the flowers and crystals, many of these essences have a connection to an animal spirit or Arch Angel, Goddess or Spirit. And just like the essential oil blend, each essence has been created under auspicious conditions and works on a metaphysical level to help maintain your wellbeing.

Order through Mermaids Garden specifying that you want the ‘Amazions Sacred Arts’ Healing Grief package