The Intimacy of Death and Dying
Simple guidance to help you through

A warm, reassuring and very practical book on dealing with death and dying.
When someone we love dies suddenly, or after a serious illness, we're often left wondering if we could have done more. How prepared are we to care for loved ones, talk to children about death, deal with the death of young and old, and honour someone's life?
In this uplifting book, filled with people's personal stories, the authors will inspire you with their warmth, wisdom and practical suggestions, as they share dozens of ways to make the death and dying of those you love everything you'd want it to be.

Authors Claire Leimbach, Trypheyna McShane and Zenith Virago draw on their work and experiences around death and dying to bring readers an extraordinarily compassionate, practical, inspiring guide to this momentous time in our lives. Claire Leimbach is an award-winning documentary maker and stills photographer. Trypheyna McShane, MApSci (Social Ecology), an award-winning ecological artist, has nursed a number of loved ones through dying. Zenith Virago, CNC, JP has been working and consulting extensively in the field of death and dying since the mid-90s.
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June 2009


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