Memorysmith Mothers Day Tips for Dad

Mother’s Day Tips for Dads – How to Make the Day Special

This Mother’s Day, stop what you normally do and look for unique ways to make this day meaningful. It can be challenging to find that one special thing that makes the day perfect. For dads, having a few helpful tips can make all the difference.   Set Aside Time One of the first things for […]

Marie Curie

Famous Mothers Through History

Let’s face it, all mothers are amazing, here’s a fascinating list of a few famous mothers throughout history: Marie Curie Famous French scientist and mother to two daughters discovered two elements – radium and polonium and broke the gender barrier by being inducted into the French Academy of Sciences. She also won two Nobel Prizes. […]

Keep Kids Organised

How to Keep Kids Organised After School

Often kids are loud and still going at the fast pace of school when they get home, they’re probably tired and grumpy too, especially if they’ve just started. To keep afternoons as serene as possible it’s important to have a set routine. Be sure to instigate this routine as soon as your child walks in […]

pink inspiration

Valentine’s Day Trivia

Valentine’s Day – we all know it’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but do you know where it originated? How it became so named? When it started? Or how it became so popular? Here is some lighthearted Valentine’s Day trivia to enlighten you! ~ Married Valentine’s. During the mid-17th century, even […]

Valentine kids

A Valentine’s Day Date with Mum and Dad

With the sweetest day of the year approaching, why not plan a special date with you and your child(ren). We all like to be spoilt by our beau on Valentine’s Day. But turning it into a family day can be a lot of fun. You may even start a new family tradition, too. Here are […]

Stains - MemorySmith

5 Tips for Getting Stains Out of Clothing

There’s no doubt your children will do some damage to their clothing every now and then, especially during holiday time. Before you toss out that new outfit, turn to your pantry. There are some simple, effective ways to get rid of even the toughest of stains using chemical-free, good old-fashioned natural items. Stains with Colours […]

Playground - MemorySmith

Tips To Encourage Your Child in the Playground

Learning to socialise can be daunting and scary for many kids, especially when in a new environment like starting school. Humans are by nature social creatures so you will be doing your children a huge favour by helping them to have the confidence to make friends and interact happily with other children. Here are some […]

Memorysmith Christmas Stockings

Healthy Stocking Fillers

You probably remember from your own childhood the unbearable anticipation and excitement of waiting for Christmas morning and your Christmas stocking. In these plastic-fantastic days it can be tricky to find inexpensive, healthy items to fill your child’s stocking… And that aren’t going to be around for the next billion years polluting the planet – […]

The Memorysmith Christmas

My Favourite Childhood Christmas Memories

This Christmas, as I see my children getting excited about the tree, the decorations and of course the gifts to come, I’ve been remembering some of my favourite Christmas memories… And I also asked my friends to share theirs… One of my favourite memories of Christmas as a kid was putting up the decorations and […]

The MemorySmith Christmas

Cut off date for Christmas 2013 has now passed

Our cut off date came around very quickly, all our impression and naming jewellery is handmade and we take the time to ensure that your piece is perfect. We generally take 14-21 days to ensure that your jewellery can be returned to you from when we receive your impressions This unfortunately means that to guarantee […]